Mobile App Development

We created our first mobile app back in 2008, Shop by code was an app that used the phone camera to take a picture of a bar code in order to acquire product information and make a purchase.

The mobile phone is changing the way we live our lives and its doing so in many ways. Many of us probably already have a mobile phone and would certainly find it a touch difficult to live without them. Its usage, to say the least, is endless.

As a result, several large brands are already using mobile ticketing solutions to provide the best reach, speedy service, and exemplary customer experiences.

 Many consumer goods packaging allows for only a limited amount of information on the product for several reasons, including  concealing uncomfortable truths or maximising advertising space. However, there is help for those seeking nothing but the complete truth on the products they intend buying. The barcode reader reveals all.

Using the phones built-in camera to recognize standard barcode present in most every products, consumers are able to scan a product and access all product-related information on the move or in store.