Augmented Reality in 2016

Augmented reality is a technology that merges the real world with a technology overlay enabling the user to visualise their environment with a visual display of anything that is not really there, it seems like witchcraft.

Augmented reality is conventionally done in real time off and the information surrounding the user in the real world becomes interactive and is able to be manipulated. There are many methods of using hardware to enable augmented reality such as an iPad mobile phone special eyeglasses HUD heads up display contact lenses. Over recent years augmented reality has come heaps and bounds and important factor is how realistic and how well it is integrated into the real world it’s important for the software to enable real world coordinates input from the camera and images the process is called image registration. The first stages is for the software to detect inputs which is usually of fluid marker and optical flow or an interest point.

There are a number of augmented reality application kits in the market software development kits SKD have a merged such as CloudRidAR which leverage cloud computering for performance or Vuforia, ARToolkit and catchoom Craft AR.

It is also possible to display augmented reality without the user having to use any kind of device fire a simple projector and scanner using this method things such as books or a simple table top can be projected upon and the user can interact via the projector and scanner.