How to create any bespoke wood project using the best Joiners & Carpenters the easy way

What you really want, it the exact look and feel that works with your space. That’s the beauty of creating the perfect piece of wood weather its a new set of doors, furniture kitchen, tree house or man cave.

Here is an example from start to finish of a client who needed a new set of tall internal oak finish glass doors that passed fire regulations for building control after creating a large new ground floor extension in London recently.

Commission it, provides a far simpler, quicker, safer & cost-effective way to create this solution, as follows:

STYLE, MATERIALS & BUDGET – Think about your ideal, realistic and fallback position within these parameters.

  • Create an images ideas board – Use our free image search tool helped to narrow down type of doors you like. You can easily create a ideas board to help you to narrow down your choices and share it with others.
  • Create a specification – Use the language and terms of the industry & suppliers as this will provide you with better results. In this case, it became apparent that the client was after a style called “INTERNAL pattern 20 French doors”. Don’t forget to be very specific about the materials you want, in this case, it was Ash wood with clear glass and chrome handles. The budget was only £1,500. The required turn around time can also make a significant impact in regards to pricing and suppliers availability to complete the project.
  • Avoid time wasters – No one wants to waste their time including joiners and carpenters. Remember you really want the best craftspeople you can afford, these people are unlikely to even respond to a project brief if it’s not well thought out especially if it’s from a consumer.
  • Once your project is ready and you launch your brief, we will check it and give you an indication of the likely cost range.
  • Project Ready – You are now ready to start your project, view the steps to starting any project here.

Other example projects from one of our joiners:

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