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Supporting UK independent artists like Lee Campbell and makers of bespoke unique works.

Artists in every discipline from traditional art, crafts and furniture production.

Private and commercial projects.

All the way to CNC manufacturing the safe and easy way.

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CNC Manufacturing & Commercial Projects


Instillation art, public art commissions, murals, shop fittings to signage

Consumer Art & Furniture Projects


Portraits, bespoke furniture, splashbacks, upcycling, art to sculptures

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Our artisans clients  :  Google, Converse, IKEA, Channel 4 & Rolls Royce 
We are a registered Social Enterprise, People & Planet before Profit!
We have planted over 3K trees and invest 51% of our profits on projects that support reducing climate change.
We're working on a new Eco Cashback website making it easy for you to shop from your favourite brands and automatically plant trees.

Creating Your Art Brief


In order to get things started, you need to clarify exactly what you want, this is called a brief. This is the outline of what you want made, the style, your budget, the materials and medium of the work.


If you already have a brief created or a design/cad file simply email us the details to get things started. Alternatively you can just click the “Get a Quote” button and complete the short form with the details or use our online sketchpad to draw your requirement now.


Don’t worry too much about all the details of materials and mediums for your artwork as you can discuss that with the artists/makers or us after to send over your basic requirement details.


Submitting a quote request does not commit you to anything and is a great way to get some immediate feedback and help you to get your project started.


Use our inspiration page to browse through over 4 thousand example contemporary art commissions, CNC, bespoke furniture, sculpture to public art projects to help you get some ideas. 

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