Covid 3d printed mask clips

3D Printed PPE face mask clips and door openers


We can provide any bespoke PPE 3D printed parts to help keep you safer during the pandemic.

Most people are starting to use non-surgical cloth masks to help protect themselves and others better than not using anything.

While cloth masks do help greatly, providing around 10-20% of the protection of a N95 (surgical mask), there are a few simple adaptations that you can download and 3D print yourself for free online (if you have a 3D printer and know how to use one.

3d printed nose bridgeOne of the issues of a cloth mask it the gaps around the bridge of your nose. Most face masks with inbuilt wire supporting the bridge usually still have gaps. Here is an example of a simple nose bridge clip that clips into your cloth face mask to help reduce that gap. If you wear glasses it also helps to keep the mask out of the way of your glasses and helps to stop them steaming up when you breathe.

Don’t like those mickey mouse ears when you wear a face masks with straps for your ears?

3d printed mask strap

Here is another simple solution that clips to your existing ear straps allowing you to attach your mask more comfortable around your head.


3d printed door openerAnother simple item you can purchase to help you keep safe when you’re out and about is a Covid-19 door opener key ring, for when you don’t have any gloves on you and you want to open a door, or even turn on a tap in the bath room etc.  Simply clips onto your key ring so you’ve always got it at hand.


More comfortable range available in different sizes from small, medium to large:

3d printed mask clips

Video on how to add the nose clips:

We can currently supply any of these or anything else you want 3D printed withing a few days in green, black, grey and white.

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Keep safe.