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3D Printing now made easy from photo, scan or drawings

3D Printing now made easy from photo, scan or drawings

Most people don’t have a 3D printer, but new website commissionit.co.uk allows anyone to get a 3D object made for them from a drawing, photo or sending in an item that they scan and turn into a model for you. 

The 3D printing space is booming but mainly for nerds and businesses that’s because most people don’t really understand what can be made and how to go about it. That’s where a new service by the commissioning specialist website commissionit.co.uk comes in.

Now all you need to do is visit Commission it (www.commissionit.co.uk). You can send them a picture of anything you want turned into a 3D object from art commissions to COVID-19 face mask clips, a special personalised gift uniquely made for you to turning a picture of your dog into a statue for father day

As the costs of 3D printers continue to come down the materials that can now be 3D printed and the quality of 3D printed objects is now making the whole on demand manufacturing space much more competitive to the traditional large volume manufacturing.

Local 3D printing is also far better for the environment, as there is very little waste, reduced shipping from overseas (mainly China). The materials are recyclable and some are 100% recycled materials. You can get an item made for you to your exact specification instead of having to compromise on colour, size or even shape.

Speed is also key, it’s possible to make an item and have it dropped off to a local client within 24 hours. 

What is 3D Printing? Also known as digital fabrication or desktop fabrication. It’s a process of creating real objects created from an original design, usually a file called a .stl ( Standard Triangle Language). The 3D printer prints the design layer by layer in many different materials to create real objects in many sizes.

There are lots of websites that allow people to find and download 3D models for absolutely nothing, leading websites like Thingiverse have 1.8 million free files you can download. The most popular items being downloaded on Thingiverse are DIY items, like Hinges, Headphone stands and Baby Groot. With so many practical things that can save people time and money, it’s likely more and more people will turn to 3D printing, a handy thing when we’re in recession.

While downloading files are available for nothing, you still clearly need a 3D printer, you also need to understand how to use one many other factors that stop people ever thinking about getting something made for them, that’s why turning to Commission it for all your needs is a great solution. 



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