Creative Makers Commissioning Collaborative

We are establishing a creative makers collaborative focused on making it easier for individuals and businesses to commission unique creative works and enable creatives to manage those commissions effectively.


Our objective is to have a wide selection of markers, covering every creative field and price range under one roof. This helps to reduce buyers fatigue of having to traipse around many different websites and try to contact makers directly without any idea of costs or the process.



Key Maker Partners portfolios - We provide an online platform that allows makers to create a simple makers portfolio showcasing 4 key examples of their work, price range, mediums worked in and details about the maker.


These portfolios are used by clients to get an idea of a makers style, mediums, materials worked in and budget ranges. A consistent approach makes it easier for clients to find & commission makers.


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It’s generally difficult for makers to access both personal and commercial commissions. With us, makers get FREE representation on our platform in exchange for providing us a fair share of the commission total. The idea is to make the fees as low as possible in order to reduce the burden on makers having to market their services independently, reduce their administrative costs associated with managing commissions as well as their payment processing costs and offering additional security for clients via escrow payments.


By talking on additional work outside of the immediate scope of what makers currently produce they will inevitably be improving their skills and establishing themselves as producers in their creative field as opposed to doing other part-time work outside of their industry to supplement their income. For more established makers, we provide continued contracts and administrative support to allow you to unleash your creativity to its full potential.


As many commissions are generated via word of mouth or recommendations, we would also want to enable makers to be able to generate incremental revenue via a referral fee for any referrals that turn into a commission. This can also help to establish new partnerships for makers as well as helping makers to expand their own technical capabilities and or understanding.


We are currently a limited company who is considering either returning 51% of our annual profits back into supporting our makers or becoming a co-operative.


We currently represent 82 makers from a multiple of disciplines:

Part of our service is to build up market intelligence/knowledge base data relating to commissions and to reduce the administrative time it takes makers to communicate with clients up-to the point of a commission being awarded. We, therefore, do not provide contact details of makers and instead act as the agent between parties until the commission is awarded.


Create a Mood Board - One of the difficulties in commissioning works is being able to visualise what you might want to commission.


In order to help clients get inspiration, we provide over 250(m) images instantly.


Using specific search terms such as “abstract art landscapes oil on canvas” will produce numerous results and allow the user to create a Mood Board to help narrow down what they want. We then send these images to our key partners to help them define the final deliverable.


We will also include AI technology to automatically show similar style images to your shortlist as well as allowing you to upload a picture of the room you want the commission in and automatically find suitable images.


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