Ceramic 3D Printing in the UK


Image from the Delta Wasp

Clay, pottery and ceramics are all around us in our homes with most of the ceramic products mostly mass produced in factories from a mould helping to keep costs low.

Handmade v ceramic 3D printingThe fines and best pieces of pottery are often handcrafted by the finest craftspeople like this example from one of our bespoke hand made UK potters.

There is a growing trend to try to move towards on demand local 3D ceramic printing with the costs coming down and the growth of 3D ceramic printing to grow substantially as a part of the global ceramic market share over the next 10 years.

While the aerospace and automotive industries have been early adopters in this technology thanks to the complexity of shapes and unique organic structures more creators are turning to this method to produce smaller sculptures and unique bespoke works to order for their clients.

Some of the most recent advances in this field are from NanoParticle Jetting with the most common being ceramic powder, SLA and DLP, with our favourites being the wet clay method from the Delta Wasp.

Trying to find a service provider to turn your 3D file of a vase into a clay sculpture is not going to easy due to the cost of many of these machines compared to the cost of using a skilled potter to do the same job for you by hand. That’s where we come in very handy as we are able to offer both 3D Printed ceramic models as well and hand crafted models.

The main difference between these two methods will be based on how complex the items is, especially the structure and size.

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