eco artist wanted

Eco Artist Wanted

eco artist wanted

We are looking for quirky activism-focused art commission concepts in any medium raising awareness of deforestation and the negative impact this has on wildlife.

It could be a disruptive, performative installation in a public space or maybe a quirky portrait made out of nuts!

The total budget is £9k. Submit your interest/ideas to [email protected] by 23 December 2020.

orangutan commission
David Attenborough

We are seeking eco-focused artists to create an artwork to mark Sir David Attenborough’s 95th birthday in 2021. Our client is a UK-based, fully certified and palm oil free manufacturer of nut butters.

Please submit an initial concept and your interest by 23 December. The winning concept will be commissioned to an eco-focused artist to be created early in 2021, with a £9K total budget for the artist.