Unique Bespoke Lighting Solutions

Unique Bespoke Lighting Solutions

Lighting in any environment helps to create the perfect mood as well as having some surprising effects on how plants can grow as well as how it can change what we taste.

In addition to the light itself, the type of light fitting itself need not be limited to what you can find from a shop. We are able to help with making bespoke lighting solutions for consumers as well as commercial applications including installation artworks.

Budgets range from Upcycled lighting projects like this telephone light from around £250.

upcycled light

image source (steampunker.ru)

Upcycled Diving mask lamp


Commercial Light Applications from one of our large commercial light manufacturers


Light Art Installations from one of our Light Artists

Wall based light artwork

Hotel Lighting

Hotel Lighting

Art Neon Lights for Art and commercial projects


Contact us to get a quote for any bespoke lighting projects.


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