Art Commissions

We make it easy to commission any type of Art from a Pet Portrait to a large Mural for your home, for Corporate branding purposes to Public Art Commissions.

You can commission Pastel Portrait painting from £55 from a talented artist studying at the University of the Arts London, an Animal Portrait (oil on canvas board) from just £89 from an award winning artist, commission a Mural or Graffiti Artist for around £200 per day or commission a well-established artist between £600 - £12K to large Public Art Commissions.

We can arrange art commissions by photo or sittings by a local artist for the best possible experience.

We make sure commissions are always a smooth special process, that's safe and easy to implement. Our Code of Conduct, Commissioning Contracts and Dispute Resolutions Service ensures everything is in place to help keep things going according to plan.

Uniquely, we are also a Social Enterprise who returns 51% of our profits into supporting good causes.

Commission Art from , post your brief below!

Art Commissions

We take a unique approach to help you to commission any type of artwork you require for individuals to public art commissions. 

We don't just work with a limited few artists, once we understand your needs we will collaborate with you and the best artists available either locally, nationally or internationally and in your budget range.


Abstract Art - Send us a picture of the room the works are for and we can commission something that works beautifully in that room.

Digital Design- Digital design works include any commercial illustrations, video, 3D holograms, VR, Logo's or digital art.

Installation Art - Hire an Installation Artist, Light Installation Art & Kinetic Artisis.

Landscape Paintings - Create beautiful inspiring Landscape paintings of any subject.

Mural & Graffiti - All types of Mural & Graffiti projects for commercial and private commissions.

Pencil Drawings - A pencil drawing can create a powerful effect and is extremely affordable. 

Portrait Paintings - Let us help you to create a unique lasting memory for any occasion of friends, family or your pets. Any type of work from portraits from photos to sittings with a local artist.

Reproductions - Create a copy or a similar handmade oil painting reproduction of any famous artist.

Sculpture Commissions - From large scale public art sculptures to a small bronze sculpture of your favourite pet.

We offer a far larger scope of work and are more competitive than a gallery. We want to help make art commissions affordable to all. As a social enterprise, half our profits go back into supporting good causes and the environment.

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