Bespoke Side Table Wood & Met

Bespoke side table sorted during Covid-19


While visiting art galleries, furniture and home improvement shopping centres is off bounds for most of us during the Coronavirus period.

Even when you decide to search online for your next piece of furniture or that something special to make your space that much more special, what tends to happen now is you spend hours finding that table that almost fits perfectly but inevitably you compromise on something.

So you’ve now spent many many hours on that contemporary birchwood ply desk and you’ve got to the checkout about to pay the and boom, the site tells you, delivery cant be confirmed or will go on backorder…

So what’s going on? Well like many things because of the global coronavirus issue, the factory for the world including a lot of furniture has been closed for many months. Even if it’s not made in China some of the materials it’s made from are likely to be. What can you do about that? You ask yourself, well now is actually the perfect time to get a little creative yourself and actually become your own designer and get that table produced for you locally. How locally how about in London.

Now your’re a little hot and sweaty, is that the coronavirus , oh god…No, wait a minute it’s because you assume getting your own design made for you in London is only for the super rich right? Wrong, not only can you afford it but by getting it designed and made locally it’s better for your sense of pride, much better for the environment as you can be more in control of where that wood comes from knowing its FSC – Forests For All Forever for example and you can enjoy the entire process.

Lastly and probably just as importantly during this pandemic, you can actually get your piece of furniture, designed, made and delivered within just a few weeks!

But now you’re thinking well do i really want to invite in a carpenter into my home even if i can find one that is open and willing to ? Does not really sound like “essential work”. Even if i did get someone to do that and run the risk, what the likelihood of them being able to design exactly what’s best for me in my budget? Are they not more likely to just sell me the designs they have been able to create before in the materials they have used before. Will that really create the “Wow” factor im after and will that really be unique?

Well the answer to that question is clearly yes, that is exactly what usually happens, so is there a better solution out there to really create me the client the best possible piece of bespoke furniture ?

Well there is now, if you contact London based “Commission”, the platform that helps you to turn your idea into anything from art, 3D models to bespoke furniture.

Not only can they provide the latest digital manufacturing with speedy turnaround times from just a few days on some materials but they have all the artisan skills covered for nearly every discipline to have your bespoke project created for you with the precision and skills learnt by some of their award-winnings artists.

Ok, that all sounds great, but how does Commission it solve my problem?

So instead of contacting a local carpenter who would traditionally have to come to your home to inspect the area and arrange a face-to-face meeting, “How old school that feels right now.”

Take some measurements, show you some brochures/images of previous projects or email them over after the visit. 

Why limit your possibilities?

Sure, you might not be a designer, understand interior design or feel you have any artistic skills but you do know what you like when you see it right? 

So how about instead, you were free to search through the entire existence of creativity from the dawn of mankind to the most contemporary furniture created by designers who push the boundaries of what’s possible.

A great starting point is on Pinterest, or Google Image search or if you see something while out and about or in a film just take a picture of it and send it to us.

The client sent us a link to a table they linked on Pinterest. – The table was only available to purchase from the USA retailer however they don’t ship to the UK and the size would not work for the space intended. The client also did not really want the shelf. 

The great thing with using Pinterest and why so many interior designers use it themselves is that it will also show you numerous similar items matching the style you like.

The client also mentioned they liked the idea of a curved glass console table that they had seen before.

So now we knew what the client liked, they then sent us a photo of the space they wanted it to fit and the measurements.

clients radiator

The client wanted the table to be wide enough to clear the radiator pipes, the height of the radiator by around 5cm and a depth of 35cm.

Then emailed us a photo of their hallway including their measurements as well as some pictures of a few other key pieces of furniture in their home that they wanted to try to incorporate into the design for the console table.

We also ask the client to confirm the budget range they are working to. We always strive to provide a cost effective solution. Only by knowing the clients realistic budget can you think about what materials, construction options and complexity of a solution. 

We now had the brief from the client, we then got to work coming up with some ideas of what we could achieve within the budget of our client that fitted the brief.

In the end the client liked this curved glass side table design in the exact size he needed at a reasonable cost but in the end he went for one of  the examples provided in the illustrations below with a light wood top and metal black frame in his exact size.

Bespoke Curved Glass


Bespoke Side Table Examples

Bespoke Side Table Examples