Bespoke Shelves

Buy bespoke for a sustainable future

We all know global warming is a big problem but can we continue just blaming the big corporations and oil companies for their obvious plunder to the planet? The current economic model is broken, globalisation has taken us so far away from the how things used to be produced in cottage industries into these huge monolithic organisations that plunder the …

upcycled stick chair

Upcycle your waste

Send us your waste materials and we will upcycle it for you. This is an example chair made from an old fence about to go into landfill.

Bespoke commissions – Art and Furniture – accessible to all

Bespoke commissions – Art and Furniture – accessible to all

New social enterprise seeks to shake-up the art and design worlds by simplifying the way buyers connect with makers, with an added emphasis on sustainability. We all love great art and design, but the idea of commissioning something original can appear daunting, with few people knowing where to go to find the best makers, or what questions to ask. Launching …