portrait painting from photo

Family portrait paintings from photo


Life passes us by quickly, it seems the older you get the quicker time goes by. More and more of us are spending more of our time and expendable incomes on experiences over material items.

So it’s more and more important to be able to capture those important moments and what better way than in art. Most people tend to shy away from anything to do with the word art as they feel it’s elitist or just too expensive.

So instead we continue to keep taking those selfies and phone snaps, accumulating thousands of pictures we never even look at again. So other than just printing your photos what are the options?

Well why not consider turning your family portrait photo into a painting?

Portrait Commission

The beauty of this is that you can choose the medium of the painting that you love and fits into the room the painting will go in. You can enhance the photo to use accent colours from your room to appear in the painting and really improve the look of your entire room. 

You can also enhance the effect of the photo by the frame used, the colour of the frame as well as the ability and skill of the artist to capture what was important to that memory and even enhance that.

This is an example of what you can get as a watercolour portrait commission from a photo from one of our art students, this was just £70.

What’s more, as a wedding gift or birthday present for anyone, what would give more meaning and thoughtfulness as you take the time to commission a family portrait painting. While the process is very easy, as a gift to the recipient it’s completely personalised. Not just one of those cheap personalised gifts of having your name stamped on a mug!

How to commission a portrait painting from Photo?

It could not be easier to commission a portrait painting from photo. Simply email us your photos, your budget and preferred artist style or preferred artist.

We then run a portrait painting competition, we proactively contact the best available artists including any you want to include, any that match your criteria registered with us & contact new artists best suited to your brief.

You get presented with 3 great options to choose from. Choose your preferred options, pay the fee securely and we get started. The average time from start to finish is around 3 weeks but we can do it quicker.

So you do need to think a little in advance for commissioning anything but it will be worth it!