Dispute Resolution Service


Dispute Resolution Service

It’s only when you run into issues on a project/contract and the way those issues are resolved that you really get an understanding of how professional the organisation/contractor is. It should be reassuring to know that we have a predetermined framework in place that clarifies how these matters are resolved in a prompt and professional manner.   

As soon as we receive notification of a complaint the following procedure will be implemented:


As soon as we receive a complaint via email or telephone we will promptly (within 2 working days) attempt to facilitate a line of communication between both parties. We always attempt to provide the best possible communication throughout the normal commissioning process, therefore, would expect the need to mediate in such matters to be minimal. The initial mediation will offer both parties the opportunity to highlight their position and find a compromise to reach an early agreement to the satisfaction of both parties.

If the initial mediation is not successful, we will initiate the full Dispute Resolution service, without any costs to either party.

Dispute Resolution Service

This process starts once we receive the complaint to us by email via info@commissionit.com, along with supporting evidence via attachments. We will then initiate the mediation process described above. If that is not successful we will then initiate the Dispute Resolution Service.

Once we receive all the required information we will forward the details to the contractor/designer/maker, who will have 14 days to respond. We then review both parties’ representations online without providing physical inspections as part of our FREE service.

As part of our impartial review process, we may seek the advice of 3rd party experts (off the record) as well as refer to publicly available information on best practice and codes of conduct to help reach a satisfactory outcome.

We will then provide a report with our recommendations to both parties. While our recommendations are not legally binding on either party, we would recommend both parties implement the findings.


While we do not provide the Adjudication service, if our recommendations are not accepted by either party, our Code of Conduct requires our contractor/designer/maker to comply with an adjudication request by the client.

The appointed Adjudicators fees and expenses will be jointly shared by both parties. In the unlikely event that either party challenges the Adjudicator’s recommendations, either party is free to pursue the matter through litigation.

Commission it does not provide insurance coverage for potential or actual liability that may arise from a dispute. Our dispute resolution service should always be used as a first measure, we are unable to assist any parties if third-party or legal proceedings have already been initiated.