Frame Options


What material and frame options would you like ? 

Typical options available>

Canvas Roll – The most popular material our clients go for when going with an oil painting is canvas roll. This is the most cost effective option on materials and also makes the postage size and cost lower as well.  A canvas roll that will need to be stretched onto a wooden frame at a later stage. We normally arrange to send the roll once completed to a local picture framer to you for them to stretch it and place it in a frame of your choice. We can alternatively arrange for this ourselves and have it all posted directly to you.

Canvas Roll

Box Canvas (No Wrap) – A stretched canvas over a wooden frame, can provide a contemporary look without a frame. Increases the cost of the commission and postage by around £130 on average. Painting can go to the edges, this example left a margin to allow for the painting to fit into a frame. Use this option when going for oil or digitally supplied commissions.

Boxed Canvas (No Frame)

Box Canvas with wrap (Wrap your painting around the edges) – As above but would usually not have a frame.  Can stretch the painting all the way to the edges or any amount required. Frame thicknesses usually range from 1.8 cm to 3.9 cm with the latter giving a more contemporary feel.


Framed Canvas –  The painting would start on a canvas roll, then stretched onto a box canvas (or board) and then that would be placed into any frame choice you would like. (For oil painting).

Framed Painting

Art Paper – Good quality art paper, making it very easy for you to just pop it into a frame yourself. (Mainly for waterlolours, pencil, crayons).