How to create your Artist/Makers Portfolio


Your portfolio highlights previous projects you have worked on highlighting your capability to win similar commissions. You can create as many portfolios as you require for every category you work in. Each portfolio must have 4 example images of different projects in that category only.

(A) Register as a maker.

(B) You will then receive a link by email allowing you to upload examples of your work/portfolio. If successful, you can proceed to C, if not, thanks for applying. We may consider you again in the future.

(C) Once approved you will receive an email with a link to log into your account.

Once logged into your account, you can > Create your Makers Portfolio (the attachment below has images)

  1. Products – Hover over the “Products” tab (left navigation) and click “Add New”
  2. Simple Product – Leave “Simple Product” selected & don’t click virtual or downloadable.
  3. Product Title – Enter the name for your portfolio, e.g “Oil Pastels” (30 characters max)
  4. Price – Enter the price range your works start at £ (leave sale price blank) This won’t be shown in your portfolio but will be triggered when users are searching for makers in a price range. We add our margin on top of your prices.
  5. Materials – Enter all the materials you work in.
  6. Description – Enter as much detail about yourself and your works. Please do not use any links & please make it personal talking about yourself as a 1st person not as a 3rd person.
  7. Categories – Click the “Bespoke Portfolio items” arrow then click all the categories your work belongs to.
  8. Images – Click the top right image placeholder, upload (1 IMAGE ONLY), it will resize automatically. This is your portfolio thumbnail, not portfolio images. Then scroll down the page to Add Portfolio Images & Description, upload 4 images representing your capabilities and provide up-to 200 characters describing each work, highlighting things like size, cost to produce & materials used.

Important –  Images should be .jpg or .gif a MAX of 560 pixels wide and optimized for the web (max size of 1000K).

While your portfolio is limited to 4 pictures, you are free to use as many pictures as you want in the “Description” section. When you create your profile just click the “Add Media” button below description to add more images.

 View an example completed portfolio

 Commissionit – Create Your Makers Portfolio.pdf