Portrait Commissions – What does it cost & how to get a quote?


The cost to commission a portrait painting from a photo is based on many factors listed below A to E.

When requesting a quote please do provide and answer to all the questions below (A-E) and we will endeavour to confirm the cost to you as quickly as possible.

Our typical costs to commission a portrait from photo in watercolour/oil on A4 canvas roll is around £200-£250 + postage.

In addition to clarifying the below questions, please also forward a copy of the photo, your full postal address and a day time phone number. On average most commissions take 3-4 weeks to be produced from the time the commission contract has been signed and agreed and payment terms have been finalised.

A – What medium would you like? 

The most popular mediums for portraits are watercolour, oil & digital. Here is a link to an online guide to help you decide on the right medium for you.

B – What size would you like the painting? 

The most popular size for a portrait painting is A4 (21.0 x 29.7 cm). The beauty of commissioning art is that you can have it produced to virtually any size you desire. The larger the size you require the higher the cost. As a rule, a painting should fill 75% of the space for a good balance in your space.  If the painting is to go on a wall above your sofa, measure the width of the Sofa and select a width 75% of the space.

Portrait sizes

Picture size guide

Additional common size options:

30×40 Inches – 76x102cm

36×48 Inches – 91x122cm (slightly bigger then A0)

48×72 Inches – 122x183cm

(We can produce to ANY size depending on your budget)

C – What material and frame options would you like it in? 

Typical options available>

Canvas Roll – The most popular material our clients go for is a or art paper. This is the most cost effective option on materials and also makes the postage size and cost lower as well.  A canvas roll that will need to be stretched onto a wooden frame at a later stage. We normally arrange to send the roll once completed to a local picture framer to you for them to stretch it and place it in a frame of your choice. We can alternatively arrange for this ourselves and have it all posted directly to you.

Canvas Roll

Box Canvas – A stretched canvas over a wooden frame, can provide a contemporary look without a frame. Increases the cost of the commission and postage by around £130 on average.

Framed Canvas –  The painting would start on a canvas roll, then stretched onto a box canvas and then that would be placed into any frame choice you would like. 

Framed Painting

Art Paper – Good quality art paper, making it very easy for you to just pop it into a frame yourself.

Digital – If you are going for a digital painting, you can generally have it produced to any resolution/size and most file extensions with a .pdf being the most common format.

D – How many people and what level of detail do you require?

Most clients go for a portrait of an individual usually with some simple background to provide a good contract and a good composition. You can have as many individuals in the commission and also a high level of detail. The more individuals and detail you require, (usually determined) by the photo will determine the cost.

E – What calibre/experience would you like from the artist?

You can either select one of the many artists on our website by looking through their portfolios and requesting a quote from them or if you contact us and request a quote we will generally select the most popular capable artists who provide the most cost effective solution. 

If you have sufficient budget and or would also like a sitting we can select a higher calibre more established artist for you, just be sure to clarify your budget when requesting a quote.