What do commissions cost?


Please find below a guide on our most common commission costs:

  • Portraits from photos A4 in watercolour on art paper/canvas roll average £175-£250
  • Portraits from photos A4 in oil on art paper/canvas roll average £250-£300
  • Portrait sittings in a studio oil on canvas in a frame A3 average £2,500
  • A sculpture in bronze 6” tall averages £2,500
  • A side table made to measure averages £2,500
  • A bespoke alcove wardrobe/shelving unit averages £3,500

If you are not able to indicate your budget at the outset, we may not be able to provide you with any indication of costs.

When remailing us for a quote, please always provide the following information:

  • Your budget range, here is an explanation why this is vital.
  • Your full address along with a day time phone number.
  • What materials you would like.
  • A brief as detailed as possible. The better the brief, the more interest you will get from artists.
  • Any photos, images or diagrams in as high quality as possible.
  • Your required timeframe.