What does Commission it charge?


We do not charge fees to our Artist/Makers, it’s totally FREE. We simply ask you to confirm your cost on every commission, we then add our fee on top, we invoice the client the total cost so we are effectively our client!

We work in a number of ways with our key partners. The amount of commission we charge is only charged at the point of agreeing to go ahead with a quote offered, as highlighted in Step 2 on our website “Supply Bespoke Commissions“.

Generally, the higher the value of the commission the lower the fee we charge the client (NOT YOU). We usually average between 5-20% of the total cost as the commission.

In some circumstances especially with large corporate clients where we provide a full managed service. We would simply subcontract works to you, therefore, in this circumstance we are effectively your client and will bill the client accordingly and you would bill us.

We will always endeavour to be transparent and up-from before you engage with us or the client on any projects.