Why do you need to know my budget?


When requesting a quote for a commission, your budget range is a vital question that will determine the scope of what is possible to have commissioned.

As a rule of thumb, commissioning anything is likely to cost from around 4x the cost of a similar item you can buy from a regular shop. Clearly economies of scale do not apply to making single item compared to manufacturing hundreds of the same item.

Once we know your budget, we will immediately know:

Great Design-for -commission

(Good example of a professional hand design for a commission)

  • What types of production methods we can use from traditional craftsmanship to digital fabrication methods.
  • What type of materials we can consider for your budget.
  • What level of experience and capability we can use for the artist/maker.
  • What country we can produce your commission it, we prefer to always produce in the UK however wok with international partners when necessary.

So you see, not providing your budget range in the first instance means we cant provide you with a quotation and also usually indicates a potential client may be at the very early stages of their research into a commission and are not aware of the associated costs of commissioning an item.

To give you an indication of our most common commission costs

  • Portraits from photos A4 in oil on art paper/canvas roll average £250-£300
  • Portrait sittings in a studio oil on canvas in a frame A3 average £2,500
  • A sculpture in bronze 6” tall averages £2,500
  • A side table made to measure averages £2,500
  • A bespoke alcove wardrobe/shelving unit averages £3,500

If you are not able to indicate your budget at the outset, we may not be able to provide you with any indication of costs.