germ key

Germ Key Contactless Germ Clean Key


Keep safe when out and about.

A unique design with an optional sheath to prevent germs picked up when using it safe and away. Nice round corners on both items.

Use when using a cash machine, chip and pin machines, opening doors, knocking on doors etc all these places are high risk areas.

Optional sheath that fits perfectly for added protection is available at an additional cost of £6. (It takes 4 x longer to produce than the key). Will be made in the same colour as the key.

We produce these on a 3D printer in London using PLA plastic. PLA plastic can be sterilised with alcohol disinfectant but CANNOT BE CLEANED WITH BOILING HOT WATER.

Come fitted without a keyring.

Available in colours in the image – Orange, Green, Grey (dark), Silver (spray painted), Wood effect or White. If you don’t select a colour we will produce in one of our random colours for you.


*These are home made like any piece of art they may have minor imperfections or design faults.*

germ key