How to earn extra money taking Art Commissions

how to make money from art commissions

In these difficult times with a global pandemic on our hands, freelancers have been hit really hard.

Carlos, a Canadian freelance Illustrator and Web Designer was having a particularly slow month when he received an email out of the blue from an Art Commissions website called Commission it asking him if he would be interested in taking on a watercolour painting commission for a client in the UK.

At first Carlos was just going to delete the email as he had never heard of the company nor had he ever taken on any painting commissions however the company explained they found his details online and the company runs an art commissioning competition for clients. As part of the process, clients inform the company about the style and subject of art they desire providing examples of artists’ work that they like.

The company then searches through their registered artists that they publish on their website, any on their files and then proactively track down the most suitable artists they think would suit the clients brief, meeting their style and budget. 

In this case, the search went as far as Canada, where Carlos was contacted. 

Carlos decided to give it a shot and agreed to review the brief and provide a quote. After submitting the quote he forgot about the project but was surprised to find out a few weeks later that the client had shortlisted his offer over all others, he was ecstatic.

He then received an art commissioning contract setting out all the terms of the art commission, it also re assured him that he would also retain the copyright on his work and would receive 50% of the total commission total in advance of starting the work & they had a simple to understand project management system to ensure the project was done to the standards of the company and met the clients expectations.

He was also pleasantly surprised to know the client was not in any particular rush so when he received the funds he was still able to finish off his other projects and start the additional work when he had the time. 

Carlos had some reservations about taking on board any kind of private commission based on a bad experience with a client. However he found the company managed the entire process between him and the client, saving him heaps of time not having to deal with unrealistic client expectations and keeping everyone up to speed with the progress and sign off at each stage of the commission.

After completing the project, the client was extremely happy with the photo of the painting so he posted it to the company who did a final quality check who then sent it on to the ecstatic client. He then received the final 50% and now has an additional revenue stream with a portfolio of water colour paintings that he thoroughly enjoyed making and the huge satisfaction of know he helped to immortalize a precious memory for a client in the UK that should bring them joy for many years to come.

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