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How to hire an Installation Artist for corporate projects


Installation art offers a unique experience that’s unified in a multitude of styles, forms using a variety of objects in space.  

There has been a movement towards using more and more temporal art that has the ability to connect with the audience in unique ways while only being temporary.

Many brands now use installation art to be able to pull in the audience into a variety of emergent experiences using touch, light , smell and other ways to get through to the audience.

Allan Kaprow is regarded as the founder of contemporary performance art in 1957 and started off the installation art movement. Installation artists have a strong history of using thrown away upcycling materials in the form of conceptual art.

Some of the most famous installation artists you have heard of are the likes of :

Ai Weiwei,is probably known for his sunflower seeds art installation.

Damien Hirst, you must remember his shark in a cage.

Anish Kapoor, Orbit, London Olympic Park

These installation artists have the ability to create exceptional experiences as well as drawing huge media attention for any campaign you might have in mind however budget would need to me rather large in order to get these guys interested in any project you might have.

Many big and small brands now using installation artists to engage with a growing interest from their potential clients. Some examples are:

IBM, Amplify using a visual artist onstage drawing on a tablet with her art being projected onto a huge screen.

Nike, 20-meter high ball man made of 5,500 balls.

Coca Cola, taking advantage of the Crete Man Craze with a huge 54 foot CreteFan in cape town.

BMW, used a kinetic sculpture using 714 orbs floating in space.

Uniquely Commission it can help you to hire an installation artist from light Installations, kinetic art installations for big brands to any organisation looking to create a totally unique experience within most budget ranges. 

View 3 of our registered Instillation Artists:

Hire an installation artist

Bristol Airport Glass Art Installation

hire an Installation Artist

Kinetic Interference – Kinetic Art Installation

Hire a Light Installation Artist

Hire a Light Installation Artist

Commission competitions – We don’t just give your commission to the artist we happen to earn the most profit from. Every commission with us runs like a competition, we proactively contact the best available artists including any you want to include, any that match your criteria registered with us & contact new artists best suited to your brief. 

Every type of artist & budget – From a talented artist studying at the University of the Arts London to established award-winning artist.

Helping good causes – We’re a registered UK Social Enterprise that means 51% of our profits go to help the likes of Aid to Artisans & Precious Plastic & Kiva.

We make it safe & hassle free – Our Code of Conduct, Dispute Resolution & Commissioning Contracts all mean you are far more likely to achieve a successful commission through us than trying to organise it yourself.

Check out some of our installation artists signed up to our art commissions platform to view examples of projects under just a few thousand pounds.


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