How Payments Work

We normally take payment in advance and provide you with email photo updates for you to provide feedback and approve the work before shipping.

It’s simple and safe!

We make the process simple and easy:

how payments work
Step 1: 

Contact us to obtain a Quote - Provide as much information as possible.

Step 2: 

We help you to create a great detailed brief that the artist can understand and clearly spell out all the terms of the agreement.

Step 3: 

We agree and finalise the commissioning contract making all the terms very clear for all parties. We send this to you for electronic signature.

Step 4: 

Transfer the payment over to us by bank transfer. We deal with artists every day they make extra efforts to keep you and all our customers totally happy.

Step 5: 

We provide you with photo updates of the commission for your feedback and final approval before postage.

Step 6: 

As you have already approved the commission based on the photos, you will receive the completed commission to your complete satisfaction.

It’s that simple!