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Make my DIY project for me

There are so many fantastic homemade/DIY creative ideas out there on social media, blogs and Youtube that you might have been meaning to attempt at some point however, never seem to get the time.

Simply specify your project, you budget and when you need it completed by and we will get a DIY maker to get it done for you!

We keep our fees to a minimum (10%) of the total value and we give back 51% of that back to good causes, so what are you waiting for?


Any DIY projects from , post project below!

Kitchen/Furniture Makeovers

Get a completely new look for any room for the fraction of the cost of a new kitchen and an excellent way to be sustainable.

Tricky surfaces like Idea laminate furniture can also be successfully tackled, if you know what you are doing or follow the advice of specialists like Designer Trapped who provided the example to the right & an excellent online guide.

Why not get a quote from us for a Kitchen/Furniture makeover?

Bespoke Costumes & Masks

Get someone to make you a costume or mask for a party to your specification. There are thousands of great ideas out there.

Get an entire birthday party for your kids all dressed up in their favourite theme and even get the kids to assemble the pre-cut and made kits or get the entire costume readymade.

We can create any kind of costumes & masks from a cardboard creation to high qualify silicone, latex to prosthetic masks and costumes.

This example fine Viking costume if brought to you by Zygote Brown Designs and they provide many great kits you can download to do it all yourself.

Garden/Landscape Projects

Get a local budding carpenter looking to get some experience or a hobbyist to create any wood work/garden or home build project ideas you've seen and turned into reality.

The scope for what you can request is endless, from a small project to a large extended raised decking area.

Not only will you be saving a fortune on the standard hourly/day rates of a professional experienced craftsmen, but you will be helping a local individual to get experience and started in their career.

If you would just like a local experienced professional to do the job for you, no problem we can also cater for that, with the added benefit of half our profits going back into good causes.

This example is brought to you by Backyard designs



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