Make Something Week – Forget Black Friday

Black Friday started off in 1952 in the US as the start of the start of the Christmas shopping season, it has been renamed and completely overtaken by corporate marketing to become a huge burden on the planet's resources.

This is exactly the kind of unsustainable consumption that puts a huge strain on resources and is devastating for our planet. And for what?

According to Which, nearly nine out of 10 deals that were available last year were actually cheaper other times of the year.


In addition, many gifts bought end up in a landfill and don't have any real meaning or thought going into a special gift. It should not be about buying the cheapest product, it should be about making something.


We know you’re thinking “who has time for that” or buying something personalised for the individual to have much more meaning, reduce the environmental impact and most importantly the recipient will now allot more time and thought went into it.


Today marks the beginning of Make Something Week, its actually MAKE SMTHNG Week, who support and promote a an alternatives to consumerism!


It’s about taking action and helping to change things for the better.


If all that sounds like hard work, then we have the answer?


What is it, we hear you asking... Well, we are just about to launch our new service.

Our new platform is called Commission it, Think it, Create it, Commission it.


We are the platform to get anything made for you to your style and budget for consumer & commercial projects. That’s through many affiliate partnerships for things like personalised gift cards, aprons, mugs to bespoke furniture to art commissions.  


What’s more, every time you shop through us you will be raising funds for Charities & Social Enterprises! How?

We give 50% of our affiliate sales commission to Charities & Social Enterprise that we all care about. That’s currently 1.5% - 5% of your shopping total!

In addition, we are also a Social Enterprise that means we believe in "People & Planet before Profits". We also give 51% of our entire profits to Charities & Social Enterprise from our bespoke solutions.

We are big supporters of the circular economy, not only do we have some of the best upcycler maker portfolios under our bespoke service section. But we have also created a search tool that allows users to search for over 40K free items by images to make it easier for everyone to find local FREE stuff and reduce landfill.  


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