Bespoke Organic Tree Table

New Contactless online furniture solution Helping consumers in pandemic using AI


New contactless online furniture solution helping consumers in pandemic using AR

Locked-down consumers can now turn a sketch into a 3D furniture design and view their creation using Augmented Reality. A totally contactless solution with design to delivery in a few weeks, and at affordable prices.

The global lockdown is causing lengthy delays in furniture supply chains. The *£2.1 billion annual pipeline from China is not currently reaching our shores, and other producers of top design items, such as Germany and Italy are still in lockdown. So UK customers are finding it tougher than ever to source furniture with acceptable delivery times.

While consumers aren’t able to visit high street stores they are moving online, only to find out at the checkout that delivery times can’t be confirmed or will go on back-order.

This is where a groundbreaking new service from online provider Commission it ( comes in. With its strapline Think it, Create it, Commission it, its founder Amin Saleem says: “We’re helping to make the world of bespoke furniture more accessible to everyone combining the latest technologies and traditional craftsmanship. It’s now more important than ever to support the British economy. We are seeing a lot of interest in home offices and part-room office conversions for home-working, with stand-up desks. Also garden vegetable planters and outdoor furniture to make best use of gardens this summer.

Everything is completely bespoke, so clients get exactly what they want without compromising. We can design and deliver completely unique pieces for clients within 2-4 weeks, using all types of materials, including sustainably sourced woods and recycled plastics.”

Commission it claims to be able to match any style the customer desires. That’s because it combines the latest digital manufacturing processes onsite (CNC – Computer Numerical Control), with its extensive network of established furniture makers and other craftsmen and women, located across the UK.

Their service is entirely online from start to finish, which is ideal in the current socially-distanced world we are living in. Bespoke furniture commissions would normally involve house or workshop visitations but here it’s totally contactless. Commission it encourages customers to initially do their own research, by gathering a ‘style-board’ of photos through browsing online, and then sharing this with photos of any ‘inspiration pieces’ they have come across, maybe in museums, hotels, friends’ homes etc. Together with a quick brief, this is all that’s needed to get the designers started on a bespoke creation for you. There’s also an online sketchpad that lets you illustrate what you want made. They then convert that into a CAD (Computer Aided Design) so you can view the final design in 3D before you confirm your order. Using their nifty Augmented Reality tool, you can even superimpose the designed piece onto an image of your room, to view it in the exact position you want it to be.

Commission it’s service combines the best technology with traditional craftsmanship to create bespoke beautiful furniture at surprisingly affordable prices.   


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Recent Plywood table project, designed and created into a 3D VR model within 2 days.


Bespoke Organic Tree Table 



Example of how the 3D model views using the Virtual Reality App below:

Bespoke AR Table viewd in home through mobile phone

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