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Cassie Chestnut Stained Reclaimed Scaffolding Board Shelved Coffee Table with Dark Steel Risers and Rubber Castors.


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Noralyn Large Dining or Meeting Table with Bench and 6 stools - Chestnut Stained Reclaimed Scaffolding Boards and Black Powder Coated Steel.


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Oak Stained Reclaimed Scaffolding Layered Height Coffee Table with Galvanised Pipe Legs.


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Reclaimed Scaffolding Board Industrial Style Desk with Built In Storage, Overhead Monitor Mounting Rails and Corner Under Shelf.


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Maker Details

We are a UK based workshop of Interior/Furniture Designers and Skilled Craftsmen producing stunning urban furniture and accessories… almost all of the items in our shop have been created specifically for clients who work with our multi-skilled team to design the most perfectly suited and desirable products…. We are crazy about interiors and love coming up with clever and beautiful solutions to lifestyle conundrums… We thrive on the challenge of coming up with a new product or sourcing an old one… we also can’t help snapping up beautiful pieces of vintage and so the product collection is not only an ever increasing range of industrial newly made to order pieces, there’s always a peppering of vintage items in there too…

We have created many pieces to-date and would love to commission you something that meets your exact needs. Why not send me a photo of the room you would like the piece to feature in? I can then come back with some recommendations.  Alternatively, you can create a mood board shortlisting images you like and I can then come back to you with some suggestions.

There are many time-consuming processes and artistic skills employed when making our river tables but the effect is amazing and we are so excited to make and offer these completely unique pieces of art furniture.