100% Recycled Plastic Products

Project Details

These illuminated panels are made from recycled HDPE 2 plastic. its measures are 35x55x9cm 220v 110v Each panel is unique and unrepeatable, however similar results can be achieved.

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Contemporary recycled plastic chair with the plastic made from 100% recycled plastic.

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Ambient light made with the technique of extruded beam. Embracing the qualities of translucent polystyrene, giving what was once old cd cases a new life.

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Zelenew lamp shade + cord and fasteners Unique gift with unique history 3D printed out of recycled HDPE which was carefully collected and sorted by environmentally conscious people directly for our manufacturer.

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Maker Details

The plastic problem is crystal clear by now. These products are brought to you through Precious Plastic who exists to reduce plastic waste.

Sometimes we do it through boosting recycling. Sometimes through new biodegradable materials. Some other time by adopting zero waste lifestyles. Whatever works.

We are able to produce many different plastic products in over 30 countries around the world to your exact specification.