Abstract Paintings

Project Details

The paint is heavy impasto oil and acrylic. Oil was used towards the end to intensify the primary colour of Blue, Yellow and Red and Black too. The size was 110cm x 110cm. The Stretcher and canvas cost £60. The paint cost £150. It took me two months part time to make it.

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The painting is a mix of heavy acrylic and thin washes of oil glazing. The size 100cm x 60cm . The Stretcher and canvas was £60 and the paint £150 It took two months to make.

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The painting is heavy oil paint laid on with a pallet knife. 105x180 cm The stretcher and canvas cost £150. The paint cost £150 It took three months part time to make.

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This painting works with the environment, it changes as the light in the room changes. The paint used ranges from thick shiny gloss oil paint, to metallic household paint, to transparent matt acrylic paint on canvas 180x120cm. The stretcher and canvas cost £150 and the Paint cost £150. It took one month to make.

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Maker Details

My Paintings are focused on the material quality of the paint, the material, colour and texture has as much importance as the image. I use lots of Paint and put it on thick! I paint large Landscape and semi-abstract and also complete abstract paintings. and love the unpredictability of abstract painting, I paint freely and aim to capture a sense of this in the Painting.

I explore colour and the very surface of the paint, whether the paint is shiny gloss or a flat matt, metallic oil and acrylic, every type of paint is used and worked onto the surface of the canvas. I use brushes, my fingers and pallet knives, anything that gets the paint thickly onto the canvas to express what I want. I sometimes use the colour in its purist form, pure Black or Blue, the surface makes the painting play with the light in the room.  

Each Painting is a memory of something real and through the material of paint I translate it into an imaginary

landscape or abstract painting. The more I paint, the better my knowledge of the material is, I want to continue to find my own language of painting. 

I have worked as Studio Assistant for the artist Damien Hirst and was the Assistant Manager of the Art Studio at Science Ltd from2007-2009. I am from Dagenham, East London in England. I did a foundation Art Degree in Barking, East London and in 2000 I graduated with a Fine Art degree at the Kent institute of Art and Design. I received the ‘David Haste Landscape AWARD for my final show. In 2002 I did a Post Graduate PGCE in Teaching.

I am currently painting and have exhibited in local exhibitions in and around London. More recently I have shown work internationally.

I want to keep on producing work and improving my studio practice through continuing making commissions.