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Project Details

Bespoke bookcases from a small free-standing case at around £70 to a large 7 column unit from £2K

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The haphazard arrangement of shelves in this design makes it particularly attractive for displaying a range of different ornaments and books. From £150 for a small unit to £600 on average

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We have 18 designs to choose from £150 to £7500 range all made to your exact size

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Made-to-measure cabinet pushes the warm air forwards into the room so that it isn't lost behind the curtains. The front panel is removable providing easy access to the radiator valves. With 26 designs to choose from.

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Maker Details

We do self-assembly furniture, but better: We can provide completely bespoke solutions tailored to your personal specifications, whatever your specific requirements, and we can do it at a price that rivals a mass-produced stock product.

Our Product Range Covers :

Radiator Covers, Cupboards, Bookcases, Shelving, Dressers, Wardrobes, Drawers, Doors, MDF Shapes, Pelmets, Fretwork Panels, Decorative Shutters, Skirting & Mouldings

Forget what you thought you knew about flat-pack kits: our products last, and look like they came from the house of a fashion model or a film star.

All our products are entirely customisable. Just contact us with the style you like from (Classic – Contemporary – Country  to Ornate).

The colour:


& the dimensions you need.

We will then send you back some examples in the the sale and colour to your size with pricing within 1 business day.

You can then choose the style you like and refine the details like handles etc.

wardrobe detailing

wardrobe detailing

wardrobe detailing

handles choice