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The guiding aim of this project was to loosen up the feel of the kitchen by mixing materials and shapes. This arrangement conceals behind it a walk-in pantry, keeping the kitchen relatively free from storage cupboards. There is plenty of room for a generous seating area and a big family table.

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This project develops a new concept, the multi-generational kitchen, a space for all ages and abilities where three generations cook, eat and live together. We used two locally sourced granites to provide linear patterns and to reflect dappled sea light. These compliment Alex Zdandowicz’s fresh blue and white tiles on the opposite side of the room which bounce light back at any time of day or night.

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This kitchen is all about its location. The view the working areas give of the sea is reflected in marine or seashore materials. These are no ordinary tables. They are super-functional with a suspended oven, hob, drawers and racks for storage - so time in the kitchen is spent both cooking and looking out to sea.

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To suit their loft-style apartment, this young couple asked for a modern, compact design and simply expressed furniture with industrial finishes. The subtly clinical aesthetics of this kitchen are in tune with our clients’ scientific, exacting approach to cooking. One of them is a chemist.

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Kitchen Design & Build by Johnny Grey

Kitchens work hard. They are places where cooking meets sociability and space can be tight. Johnny’s design philosophy is based on forty years balancing practical demands and aesthetic choices, bringing architecture, ergonomics and happy home life together.

We start by finding the room’s sweet spot and placing dedicated work surfaces within it. The table is positioned to catch sunlight as it moves across the room. Our planning technique locates cooking logically, with minimal distance between the hob and oven (or Aga), the prepping, serving and washing up areas and access to storage. The sweet spot gives the cook eye contact with others in the room and, often, a view of the garden. We generally place a central island in front of this and a sink cabinet behind it, with areas to perch nearby.

Applying neuroscience principles, we design spaces that make our clients feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. We have solutions to the problems of not enough space or light, or a room that is too large for a feeling of intimacy. Different age groups’ needs are met with, for example, a lower surface for children’s cooking and seating for older people preparing food. Teenagers can do their homework in our kitchens while the dog snoozes near a heat source.