Bespoke Wearable Art Coats and Jackets

Project Details

Made to measure winter weight biker jacket inspired by 1930s motorcycle and beachwear.

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Theatrical skin stole made from painted and embroidered reclaimed textiles and fake fur

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Reversible and hooded pleather cape

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Classic pale blue 1950s style ladies coat with a psychedelic embroidered fun fur lining (work in progress)

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Maker Details

My coats are unlike any you could buy in the shops. 

To begin with they are unique. I design each one according to what you tell me you love.

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This lined A-line coat was made to measure and designed to look like the bark of a tree.

For some that might be bright colours, large shapes, fun fur. For others perhaps a subtle organic pattern painted on silk. You will see from my portfolio that I make a wide range from neat to fanciful.

The design is tailored to your comfort level with standing out. If you want a signature piece to make a splash, or reveal your creative spirit to the world, I can make you an extraordinary garment unlike any other. Or if you just want to quietly know you are wearing high quality clothes made just for you, I can make you a subtle classic coat or jacket that will last for many years to come. 

Once we have agreed a  design, and I have been sent a 50% deposit, I then create it by hand using a wide range of painting, printing, dyeing, embroidery, applique, weaving, knitting, dressmaking and tailoring skills. 

My coats are not made to a ‘standard size’, but to your actual measurements. 

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Sound of cicadas collar made using textile painting, embroidery, applique, beadwork and recording. When you put it on it plays a cicada recording. 

Although I follow fashion trends my main aim is to make a coat for you that will complement your natural colouring and contrast level. 

And finally I use high quality materials that feel lovely to wear and should stay looking and feeling good for many  years. When I can, I reuse fabrics, but only if they show no signs at all of wear. I don’t use real leather or fur.

Due to the wide variety of styles and techniques used it can take up to about 10 weeks for your coat to be made, but most would be finished  quicker than that. I can adjust the design and price according to how long you want to wait, but the quickest I could do would be 4 weeks after the design is agreed.

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Made to measure reversible woollen jerkin copy of 17th century design.

What information would I need to create a design for you?

1. Your preferred length, season and the overall colour and style if you have a preference. This can include vintage or fantasy styles.

2. A selection of images that appeal to you, ideally between 3 and 5. 

3. Three adjectives to describe how you would like the finished coat to be, and any particular ideas you have about it.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10 how extravert are you? Where 1 is ‘I want to be invisible’ and 10 is ‘I want to look like I’m going to parade at the Rio de Janeiro carnival or like a living modern sculpture’.

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Adapted from an image of Kayaba Akihiko in the first episode of Sword Art Online

5. A photo of you, full length, ideally wearing clothes you love. If you would like me to copy a jacket or coat you love, please wear it in the photo.

6. The deadline by which you will want to wear it, if there is one.

7. If you have a budget in mind it would help to know it before making the design.

8. Your measurements: The measurements I need depend on whether I am making a bolero, jacket, cloak, shawl, shrug or coat, but they are necessary because I am making the coat to measure, without being able to measure you myself. The measurements that I need for a classic coat are:

    • Length from nape of neck to where you want the hem of the coat to be.
    • Widest length from shoulder to shoulder. 
    • All the way around at the widest part of your chest, and the measurement straight down in front from the shoulder line to the nipple.
    • All the way round your waist i.e. at the level where belts sit most naturally, and the distance from this line to the nape of the neck measured along the upper back.
    • All the way round at the widest part of your hips.
    • Sleeve length from shoulder tip to halfway across the back of your hand.
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      Skin stole detail of embroidery and fabric painting
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      Painted silk design for lining an autumn coat

Can I make a coat as a gift for someone else?

Yes, but I would still need all the information above. I can provide a gift voucher with a link to this page for you to give them.