Bronze Sculptures

Project Details

Dancer Abstract Female Modern Bronze Statues Sculpture. SIZE 28*11*8 CM MATERIAL Bronze, cooper, brass £200

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Modern Art Crafts Modern Art Crafts Small Statues Home Decor Naked Lady Metal Sculpture SIZE(CM) 12.3*12.3*20 CM SIZE(INCH) 4.92*4.92*8 inch £250

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Female Busts Metal Figurines Virgin Mary Home Decor Bronze Statues Sculptures famous female statues SIZE(CM) 45*27*23 CM SIZE(INCH) 17.7*10.6*9 inch £1,500

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Abstract Female Bronze Statue TPLE-054 Forest Lady Home Decor Metal Sculptures SIZE(CM) 40*22*16 CM SIZE(INCH) 15.7*8.6*6.2 inch SURFACE TREATMENT £380

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Maker Details

We have specialised in bronze sculptures for over 10 years. We produce a broad range of works from animals to busts in any size for individual and commercial projects. We turnover over £2m and have a team of between 6-10 staff.

Why not send us the specification of the item you would like produced? We can then come back with some recommendations.