Celtic Knotwork ring – Men’s Mixed Metal

Project Details

Custom two tone mens ring

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Mens simple white and rose gold knot ring

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Mens wavy celtic knotwork band

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Custom Mens Knot ring with gold inlay

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Maker Details

Mens rings need to be tough, durable and rugged.  But this doesn’t mean they cannot also make a statement and be beautiful works of art.

Woking in mixed metals is an art form all in its own, with a great attention to detail and craftsmanship.  The results are always breathtaking.  These examples showcase some of the possibilities.

To start your own project, you can either select from one of the examples as a basic design, or work with me to create a new design based on images, artwork or knots.  I’ll convert these ideas and concepts into 3d drawings and renderings and provide upfront quotes.