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After I Graduated with a degree in Fine Art I moved to London where I worked at the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Royal Academy Arts, I have now returned back to my home county where I am specialising in contemporary painting. I take inspiration from nature, colour and different art movements. I like to paint one of a kind originals for bespoke settings/interiors.

The use of colour has always played an important role in my work and I have taken my inspiration from the great impressionists and modern day painters like David Hockney and Bridget Riley. I like to focus on similar tonal variations, often with a splash of opposite colour for an intense contrast. I am interested in the theme of chaos and order and like painting geometric patterns then create a juxtaposition by splashing paint over the top.

I also enjoy copying famous paintings and styles and love to paint a portrait. When it comes to art commissions I usually create a mock example of my proposed idea on Adobe illustrator then produce a painting from the mockup.

Abstract colour

Inspired by Nature