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Dog – languorous by Dick Martin


Mixed-media painting on Canvas, Subject: Abstract and non-figurative, Abstract style, One of a kind artwork, Signed on the back, Ready to hang, Size: 26 x 26 x 4 cm (unframed), Materials: acrylics mixed media computer chip






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Works really well with painting “Dog – supercilious” as they are complementary compositions and the same colour scheme. They display very well together. Although small this conceptual painting has quite a bite and is based on the philosophical problem of knowledge: i.e. how can we know the difference between appearance and reality when our senses are often inaccurate? For example; how do you really know you are standing / sitting here reading this and not a brain in a vat connected to a computer? (Putnam) How do you know an evil demon is not tricking you? (Descartes) How do you know you are not just watching shadows in a cave? (Plato) Can you be absolutely sure you are not dreaming? Each painting is called ƒ??Dogƒ? and a computer chip is part of composition. So, where is the dog? Well, inside the chip of course and, more importantly, inside your imagination! But, can you be sure you are not in the chip and that someone, maybe a dog, is looking at you? ƒ??Such fun!ƒ? On the back of each painting there is the title ƒ??Dogƒ? and a further random dogƒ??s ƒ??characterƒ? word to describe the dog and tickle your imagination (as in the title). I wonder what breed of dog you will imagine. (You wonƒ??t be able to get it out of your mind now!) So, think of a dog and have some fun splashing about with a canine or two in a postmodern world of dreams, ƒ??malicious demons,ƒ? ƒ??brains in vatsƒ? and virtual reality. A philosophical Crufts, woof, woof! As well as the philosophical ideas underlying the work, the interest of this painting lies in the details. The subtly of colours, 3D structures, sculptural effects, several layers of flowing paint over the surface and a matte finish all contribute to a fascinating surface. An original one-off painting signed on the back. Ready to hang. Original artwork with signed Certificate of Authenticity If you have any questions please get in touch.