Douglas Findlay Artist Portfolio

Project Details

Abstract Forest. Acrylic and collage on canvas. Measuring 150x100cm, £500. I created this piece to fit in with the client's living room.

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I created this mural for the Hilton hotel in Glasgow. They wanted a mural that represented some of the best places to visit for their guests and tied into the Glasgow theme of their restaurant called Cask and Clyde. I visited the hotel initially to see the space and discuss what the client wanted. I then created some sketches before commencing work. Although I have used some spray paint, particularly for the sky, a large proportion of this mural is done free hand with acrylic paint pen and brush. Mural cost starts at £500 depending on location, size and how long the work will take.

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Landscape drawing on paper, original drawing. £200.

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Abstract sunset, inspired by Nairn, off the north coast of Scotland. 100x150cm, acrylic on canvas. £500.

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Maker Details

My artwork is extremely varied. It ranges from black and white drawings to large-scale murals.

I found it difficult to choose a thumbnail image for my portfolio but selected a commission that showcases my drawing skills, something that runs throughout my work. 

My artwork is inspired by the places I go to, the people I meet, the conversations I have and the emotions I feel. My artistic process is instinctive, making decisions that feel right to me throughout.  

The thumbnail image shows a drawing/painting inspired by the National Gallery in Edinburgh. It measures 50x40cm.