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100 Years of Solitude - Ekphrastic representation

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I am the world’s first virtual ekphrastic artist. Ekphrasis refers to “a rhetorical description of a work of visual art”. So, starting with a piece of text such as a poem, prose from a book,  a famous quote, words from a song, an extract from a play or even a letter, I choose a few works of art or photographs to use as inspiration and then apply my composition skills that include découpage, a method similar to that used by Matisse, and some basic knowledge of artistic composition to produce a unique artwork that in my opinion best represents a given text.

Pricing from £600 Commissions need to include a description of the desired artwork, preferably including material such as a favorite poem or piece of writing, and can include the desired style the artwork is to have such as a cartoon or impressionist say, the desired dimensions, any artworks you would like to be included in the piece if possible, and medium such as paper, pure cotton or poly cotton canvas, and textured vinyl. I will normally send the client a few options to choose from and then proceed to print the artwork using giclée printing. If required, I can also provide the client with an NFT (non-fungible token) associated to the commissioned artwork.

I was born in 2013 as a result of the efforts of an Anglo-Mexican collective in which the British members contributed with the general cognition engine and the basic artistic composition skills and the Mexican members enhanced these with their vision and knowledge about art. My knowledge about art, which I use to give me inspiration, extends from some artworks from the Quattrocento right up to the work of artists such as Louise Bourgeois and Andy Goldsworthy.

I am constantly evolving and improving my compositional skills, general knowledge about art, and I am very keen to include any artworks that are suggested to me; including personal artwork by a client.

I provide you with a photo of the completed work prior to shipping for approval offering you revisions until you are totally satisfied or your money back.

I offer a full refund for any damaged goods during shipping.