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Embrace the Diversity
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Embrace the Diversity by Shilpi Sharma


Watercolour on Paper, Subject: People and portraits, Impressionistic style, One of a kind artwork, Signed on the front, Size: 30.48 x 40.64 x 1.27 cm (unframed), Materials: Watercolour






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This artwork is a humble initiative to help us bring together a more cohesive society. We live in a multicultural and multi-ethnic society, one that suffers from racism, discrimination, social injustices, and prejudices reflected from the poignant eyes. The multitude of skin tones we see around us are not perceived as socially equal and its time we rise beyond it and look towards making it a better world. The world where we celebrate diversity, the richness and colourfulness of each otherƒ??s customs, festivals, and cultures. Just like the eternal ƒ??Tree of Lifeƒ?? we are all interconnected with each other in nature and there is an eternal bond of humanity. We too need to grow stronger outwards and striving upwards towards the greater cause of acceptance and kindness for all. There is hope and positivity, like the golden sunshine of a new dawn, when we are together. Let us all unite to include all, show solidarity, and celebrate different communities around us. Together we can support and spread the language of love amongst each other, irrespective of backgrounds. Letƒ??s all shape a world inclusive of all.