Graphic Mural Artist & Print Designer

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Hand painted mural

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Hand painted mural depicting the women world cup

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Giclée print titled 'Abstracted Architectures'

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Hello. My name is Tor, I am a freelance mural artist and illustrator working across a range of areas including mural and print design.
My work spans exterior and interior settings, primarily working within the public realm. I have a strong interest in public space and place-making through the use of playful art interventions. Much of the work I do encompasses these kinds of ideas, where I aim to transform a given environment, by activating the space in a fun and engaging manner. I believe that positive and well researched projects can have such a positive impact on a space.
I always strive to create playful, simplistic and optimistic illustrations, my work depicts narratives inspired by the beauty of everyday moments, urban cities and playful environments.