Handmade Recycled Jewellery

Project Details

Sea Glass Bracelet, 2018: small (approx 1- 1.5cm) pieces of green sea glass held in a wire mesh woven together using Japanese 'Kumihimo' braiding techniques. Length: 10cm

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Cogwheel Bracelet, 2018: glass seed beads and watch parts are woven together using salvaged copper wire from waste electronics, using the Japanese 'Kumihimo' braiding technique. Length: 10cm

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Origami Earrings, 2019: Drop earrings with small origami cranes, painted metallic gold and coated with clear varnish for increased durability. Size: 2x3cm

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Sun and Moon Pendant, 2015: Steampunk themed pendant made from up-cycled jewellery and watch parts. Size: 8.5x8.5cm

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Maker Details

My jewellery pieces are made with a variety of recycled and found materials including: copper, glass, shells, stone and paper. Living in London, I often come across electronic waste and for several years now I have used the copper from wires and plumbing in my work, combining them with sea glass and shells collected from beaches around the UK coastline as well as small machine parts to create a distinctly steampunk aesthetic.

The aim of my studio practice is to reuse and recycle as many materials as possible in work while producing as little waste as I can. Prioritising sustainability and minimal environmental impact is an integral element to my work. To this end, I also up-cycle old, broken or unwanted jewellery in my work, using the findings and other parts to create new pieces. The random nature of these up-cycled parts and found objects like sea glass gives a unique quality to each of my creations, with no two ever quite the same.

My commitment to creating a sustainable studio practice can also be seen in my origami jewellery, which is created using left over paper scraps from other projects. The tiny folded cranes are glazed for durability and can either be painted or left with the original pattern on the paper, according to the customer’s preference.