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Inside and Outside by Samuel Buttner


Wood sculpture, Subject: Abstract and non-figurative, Organic style, One of a kind artwork, Signed certificate of authenticity, Size: 72.14 x 138.18 x 44.2 cm, Materials: bees wax on wood, plinth clued, screwed covered with wood filler and equally waxed






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‘Inside and Outside’ started with an already hollow chestnut tree trunk. The organic shapes invited to develop it. Things fell into place after being turned into a horizontal position and I custom made a wooden plinth for it. Some of my hollow tree trunks turned into tables – one of which can be seen in the background and in the additional photos. The thought provoking title ‘Inside and Outside’ appeared after the piece was finished. The sculpture and the plinth are both treated with bees wax. The plinth has small (‘invisible’) wheels. So the sculpture can be moved around easily. Approx. measures of the sculpture in cm: 72 x 44 x 51 cm, the plinth: 58 x 42 x 83 cm (L x W x H), the wooden stand in between plinth and sculpture adding 4 cm and the wheels add about half a cm. Besides meaning, great aesthetics and the nature that you bring into your living space – this sculpture has a very smooth finish – feels good touching it. Most of the photos were taken in 2006, four years after its making. Since then it was rarely exhibited and stored away safely – please note the photos that I took more recently of the plinth (simple shots taken with flash light). As with all of my sculptures you will receive a certificate of authenticity. Thanks for clicking ‘Favourite’ and ‘Follow’ – and you may like to check one of my social media accounts (via the ‘About’ section) for more interesting discoveries. Please don’t hesitate if you have a question about this work, just click on the contact bottom below. Please get in contact if you consider to have this sculpture shipped to you outside of the UK. Thank you.