Large Abstract Paintings

Project Details

£650 - 800. Acrylic paint with gold metallic ink, these pieces radiate from the centre. Glass beads in a paste create texture. Sizes can be 80 x80cm or 100 x 100cm. These can be created in any colour palette.

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£650 - £1000. These pieces showcase the metallic mediums used, with texture and flow running through these paintings and the pastel palettes take a supporting role. Acrylic paints are used on deep box canvases. Sizes from 80 - 100cm, 100 x 120cm and 100 x 130cmt

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£650 - £1000. Focusing on bright colours and contrast between flowing brush strokes and geometric shapes these pieces make a strong impact. These can be commissioned in any colour palette. Sizes 80 x 100cm, 100 x 120cm and 100 x 130cm.

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£650 - £1000. A different version of my ethereal range that focuses on metallics and texture. Can create in 80 x 100cm, 100 x 120cm and 100 x 130cm.

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Maker Details


David creates art to invoke joy and provoke thought through visual impact. He is inspired by the process of painting rather than just the end result. For David, painting is a form of escape, and his works are all about emotion and balance, rather than a specific message or subject matter.

The constant theme running through his work is contrast, whether that be with shapes, tones, colour or texture.

The excitement and beauty of painting for David is in taking a blank canvas and making it impactful and unique. He believes that an empty canvas is full of possibilities, if you can allow your mind the freedom to create. David’s only predetermined decision is the base colours, once this is decided the process becomes one of feeling and experiment, of being in the moment and deciding how to use the materials in front of him. This freedom means his work is varied but always balanced and displaying contrast, fun and movement. This also allows the mediums used to be put on display, showing how versatile they can be and not just considered as a material that is used to
recreate a scene or object.

Once he finishes a piece, he will then reflect on which collection it best suits. David wants to mirror the freedom he has when creating his pieces to the viewer. It is important for abstract to be just that, abstract, so the viewer can decide how it makes them feel, what they perceive and the message they convey from the piece. He, therefore, provides minimal information on each piece, but does name them all after locations to reinforce the notion of freedom.

His two current collections ‘Ethereal’ and ‘Colour is the new Black’ are both exploring the concept of emotion. How a painting can inspire hope and change through beauty using metallics and how it can energize emotion through colour.  Both metallics and colour are common within his pieces, his paintings are created through emotion and feel therefore it is great to invoke this in others.

Above everything else David feels that art should capture the viewer visually, there is enough ugliness in the world. In the words of Renoir ‘To my mind, a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful and pretty. There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is, without creating still more of them.’