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Moonstone Series – Holywell Bay
abstract seascape
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Moonstone Series – Holywell Bay, abstract seascape by Ellisa Hague


Oil painting on Canvas, Subject: Landscapes, sea and sky, Abstract style, One of a kind artwork, Signed certificate of authenticity, Framed and ready to hang, Size: 35.56 x 17.78 x 1.27 cm (framed) / 30.48 x 12.7 x 0.03 cm (unframed) / 30.48 x 12.7 cm (actual image size), Materials: Traditional oil paints and oil glazes






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Thank you for taking the time to look at my artwork; this is a Chiaroscuro style original oil painting inspired by the beautiful Cornish coast. Perfect for those who love a scene with soft and quiet light. This piece is finished with a metallic electric blue glaze. This painting is of Holywell Bay, you might recognise it from the opening scene for Die Another Day and more recently in the current adaptation of Poldark. Moonstone is a series of imagined abstract oil paintings that reflect the subtle changeability and pearly lunar qualities of the moonstone. Each piece in the series has been created with a careful balance between light and dark and has an atmospheric yet gentle presence. ƒ?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?Ý… PAINTING METHOD Oil paints are incredibly versatile and their creamy, velvety nature makes them a joy to use. Oil colours have wonderful depth and they react uniquely to various light sources, which causes them to subtly glow and change with shifting light. Contemporary ƒ?? this painting has been created using the modern direct approach to oil painting where the colours are mixed on the palette and then applied to the canvas. This approach adds a contemporary feel to the overall result. ƒ?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?Ý… WHAT IS THIS PIECE OF ARTWORK PAINTED ON (SUBSTRATE)? CANVAS Premium medium grain cotton canvas (Italian Belle Arti) ƒ?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?Ý… WHAT PAINTS, MEDIUMS AND VARNISHES HAVE BEEN USED? PAINTS I use Michael Harding, Daniel Smith, Mussini, Williamsburg and Winsor & Newton traditional oil paints. MEDIUMS Low odour clear thinner for the base layers (fat over lean rule) Liquin fast drying glazing medium on the top layers. VARNISH n/a ƒ?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?Ý… WHAT TYPE OF FRAME IS USED FOR THIS PIECE OF ARTWORK? This piece is presented in a glass fronted contemporary black frame with a silver coloured trim. To keep shipping costs to a minimum, lightweight frames are used (unless stated otherwise). Please message me if you are looking for alternative framing options. ƒ?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?Ý… HOW WILL THIS ITEM BE SHIPPED? Shipping: Artwork is shipped via Royal Mail/Parcelforce Worldwide on the most efficient mid-price range service and is tracked and insured to the value of the contents., e.g., Parcelforce Global Priority or UK Royal Mail express 24-48 hours). LOWER COST SHIPPING MAY BE AVAILABLE If you would like a quote for value shipping options, please message me to discuss after purchase. Lower priced value services take longer to get to you but will still be tracked and insured. You would basically pay the advertised cost of shipping for this item, but at the time of booking delivery, I would check if a cheaper value option is available, and if it is, I will message you the cost of the value service. If you agree, I would then ship the item on the agreed lower cost service and refund you the difference between the two. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING International shipping (outside of the UK). Please note that international deliveries may incur an additional customs duty fee. If this is the case, your country customs department will contact you when the item(s) arrive in your country. Please be sure to factor in this additional duty cost, which is paid by you upon receipt of the package. All international parcels are sent with official customs documentation, which include the commercial invoice and the customs declaration CN23 EMS paperwork. To give you an example of charges, here in the UK the current customs charge is approximately ¶œ12.00 for parcels where the contents value is below ¶œ873 (equivalent to ƒ?ª1000). For higher value goods over that threshold, the customs charge is approx. ¶œ25.00. This is just an example ƒ?? your countries charges may be different. ƒ?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?Ý… WHAT CERTIFICATES ARE PROVIDED? Every piece of artwork is accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity and a 14-day return guarantee. ƒ?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?݃?Ý… GET IN TOUCH You donƒ??t need to buy a painting to get in touch with me, simply use Artfinderƒ??s messaging service if you would like to discuss anything; or visit my profile to find out more about what inspires my artwork and where it has recently been featured.