Oil Portraits

Project Details

Marti. Oil on canvas, 30x40 cm.

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Ava. Oil on canvas, 30x40 cm.

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Lucy. Oil on canvas, 40x30 cm.

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Lucy again, Oil on canvas, 27x35 cm.

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Maker Details

My work is an exploration of my loved ones, a futile attempt to capture my own feelings and showcase them to the world, to connect. 

 I strongly believe portraits can enlighten and show us both the differences and similarities we share. My work strives to foster a sense of belonging, of home.  

I am a traditional media, realistic figurative artist. I have a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Instituto Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Uruguay. I have been painting for many years and spent time in New York on an art residency at the New York Academy of Art.

I use your reference pictures to create a beautiful, archival-ready piece of art. I use oil paint and canvas, so archival is not a worry as it will remain looking as good as new for many, many years.My style ranges from very realistic and looking just like the picture to a more painterly, bold brushstrokes- kind of art. I want to create something you’ll love, and we will communicate every step of the way to ensure you’re happy with my work.It usually takes me around two weeks from the moment we first talk until I ship it. Thank you for considering me!