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Abstract Still Life Commission, 2017: This oil painting was based off of a temporary display I assembled using autumn leaves, glass and stones., and was painted to evoke the style of a Van Gogh painting. Oil on Canvas, A3

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Painted Animation Still, 2019: This large oil painting was inspired by an animation sequence from Spider-man: Into the Spider Verse and was painted in an abstract style with loose brush work in order to evoke the sense of movement in the scene. Oil on canvas, A0

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Medical Illustration Commission, 2018: A diagram illustrating an ultrasound scan of the brain, pencil on paper, A4

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Medical illustration Commission, 2018: A diagram illustrating an ultrasound probe technique to scan the kidneys. Colour pencil and ink, A4

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Maker Details

My paintings and illustrations cover a wide range of subject material, while utilising a variety of mediums. I work in oil, acrylic, watercolour, ink and pencil and have completed commissions on subjects ranging from still life to abstract painting, fashion illustration, concept art and medical diagrams.

My style of painting and illustrating can vary depending on the nature of the project, from loose brushwork to fine detailed pen and ink drawings. However, a consistent theme in my work is my preference for strong, bright colours and stark contrasting shadows and highlights in my black and white work. I take much of my inspiration from my surrounding environment: the cityscapes, parks and river scenes of my native London, as well as the forests, lakes and coastline of Sweden, where my mother’s family is from.

The most significant influence present in my work, however, comes from the period of time I spent living in Japan. The landscapes, architecture, history and culture- both traditional and contemporary-  had a big impact on my creative development and continues to inform and inspire my work to this day.