Pet Portraits

Project Details

Alfie- Painted from an image depicting a beautiful summers day. Oil on board 42/65 cm, £550

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Barley- A regal pose from Barley gave this painting an air of great dignity and class- 42/65cm oil on board, £500

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Maisy- Another painting from a wander in nature, the challenge was making sure Maisy didn't get lost in this detailed background. Oil on board 30/42cm, £350

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Bruce- A rare, but incredibly enjoyable foray into black and white illustration. Fine liner on 250gsm acid free paper, £200

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Maker Details

I’ve been painting pet portraits for six years now, they were my introduction into commissioned art and therefore have a special place in my heart.

I work in a range of media, but I believe the most vibrant and effective pet portraits are those completed in oil.

The painting will be tailored to the space you would like to hang it, have a light pink wall?  Brilliant, a sky blue painted depth of the painting will look great.  Pets are incredibly personal and little details can really make a painting special, a favourite toy, collar, food, really finishes a painting.  In Sandy the cockapoo’s case, I took inspiration from a rug in one of her favourite rooms to create this repeated diamond pattern background.

I find the best way to make a painting that someone is proud to call theirs is to chat a lot.  Before agreeing anything, I like to talk through ideas and have found this always guarantees a great finished piece.