Portairts from photo in oil

Project Details

Female portrait, oil on canvas 59x84 cm.

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Girl portrait, oil on canvas 50 x 60 cm

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Male portrait, oil on canvas board, 40 x 50 cm

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Pet portrait, oil on canvas board, 30 x 50 cm

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Maker Details

Hi, I’m Anna, a portrait and landscape artist based in Keele, UK.

Before becoming a full time fine art painter I worked as a freelance wallpaper and fabric designer. Fine Art has been my passion from early childhood, but only when I moved to UK in 2004 did I manage to allocate time and resources to develop my painting and drawing skills.

I am mostly a self-taught artist, however I always look for ways to improve my art techniques. In 2018 I attended a month-long summer course in portraiture at prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (Russia) and a year-long (2018-2019) portrait painting course at the Realist Academy of Arts (Manchester) under the supervision of a classically trained tutor (Florence). I am an active member of Staffordshire Society of Artists.

Over the last several years I was working as a successful portrait artist, doing commissions for customers in UK and abroad. Occasionally I do pets’ portraits as well. My style is traditional realism with a strong influence of Russian impressionism. I paint in oils on canvases or primed boards.

While working on your commission, I will be discussing with you each step of portrait creation from the initial layout
sketch and first colour block-in until all the finishing touches are done. I am looking forward to paint for you.